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[OOC Contact Post]

[OOC comments and constructive criticism is welcome here!*]

*Please mind that the RP disregards the original 02 ending and that players are mostly allowed to play their characters by their own, collectively approved, opinion.

Summer Time~

It's July! Which means summer festivals! The Tanabata festivals are starting, and I can't wait to go. I haven't gotten to dress up much lately, so it'll be fun to wear my yukata again~ Is anyone else planning on going? I was thinking of going to the one in Hiratsuka, although July 4th is the last day. I'll have to see what Miyako wants to do~ I need to decide what to wish for, too!

Ah, I really shouldn't be up typing this right now, should I? Nothing to be done about it though, I couldn't sleep. Miyako is sleeping in our room right now, so I had to sneak out to the kitchen to make some tea. I thought since I was up I may as well get some work done, but ended up here instead... At least I don't need to be up early for anything.
World Cup updates!

The US won against Algeria, 1:0, and England won against Slovenia, also 1:0. For those of you not football savvy, that means the US and England are both moving on. Actually, the US almost lost, but they managed to score in the last few minutes. Hopefully Japan will make it as well, we play Denmark tomorrow.

As far as life updates, things have been going rather smoothly lately. I got the job I mentioned earlier, so combined with Miyako's job, rent will be easier.


Go Japan!

If you aren't watching the World Cup, you should be. But if you aren't, you should know that Japan won against Cameroon yesterday! We play again on saturday, against the Netherlands

I've been watching the matches religiously, and may have scared Miyako when I started yelling at the TV. You can't grow up with a brother like mine and NOT love football, you know? Speaking of, Onii-chan, can i come over and watch a few matches one day?

It'd be nice to go watch a game in person - it wouldn't be hard to get there with a bit of digiport abuse, but I doubt I even want to know how much tickets go for.


Jun. 6th, 2010

I finally got to visit my big brother, and not-so-subtley tell him about Miya. Which went rather well, all things considered we're all still alive at any rate. I got to meet Tribble, as well, who is adorable! I'll have to come visit more often <3

I went to visit my parents, too. I call them quite a bit, but I haven't been to see them in a while. Kaa-san bombarded me with a million questions, asking if I was okay, and if I was eating enough and such. She ended up making me a few things to take back, there just wasn't a polite way to say no. I'm not sure what to do with it now, since I doubt even the cats will have anything to do with it.
Tou-san wasn't home when I was there. I'm a little worried that Kaa-san gets lonely, being home by herself during the day....

On the job front, I might be working at a restaurant soon if everything goes well. It's a small place, but it isn't too far and it pays fairly well. Here's hoping it works out~

Un-Cursed Parties + Summer Days

I think this is the first time in ever that we've had a party that wasn't a complete disaster! Hopefully the next one won't be twice as horrible to make up for it. It was nice seeing everyone again <3 And I'd like to point out that things are very amusing when you're one of the few sober people around. Though I'm not sure how I feel about my big brother hitting on every guy within a ten-mile radius :| (not that I can talk...I think we all know what happens when I get drunk at parties >>;) Takeru was quite the gentleman though, and a very good dancer <3

In other news, I've been incredibly thankful for air conditioning, with the heat waves we've been having. I'd wander over to the beach if it weren't so crowded, but stay ing in the apartment with Miyako is just as nice~ Her company has helped me get over my schoolwork-withdrawal mode ^^ It helps that the heat has made Alice and Chou-chan more lazy, as well, they're hard to keep up with sometimes.

Ah, and Onii-chan, I'm free this weekend! What would you want to do?

You mean it isn't still March?

I'm horrible at keeping up with this thing, aren't I? Miyako made me promise to do better with it from now on, something about less studying and more of a life <3. Easier said than done, since I still have exams, but I'm taking a day off from studying. Summer can not come soon enough!

As for what I've been doing the past few months, it really hasn't been much. Miyako has, thankfully, dragged me outside quite often - I would have gone crazy otherwise. The rest of my time that wasn't spent at school was used up by a small tutoring job. I've been looking for an actual job over the summer, though, so hopefully that will work out.

Miya is calling me, now, but hopefully I won't forget this journal exists by tomorrow XD

When can I come over to give you your present? <3

It's March? really?

...When did that happen? Time seems to be flying by much too fast. At least it means the end of this school year is coming up soon! Just happy to survive my first year~

Just got around to catching up on everyone else's journals; Takeru and Michael, you had better not still be sick! I would have visited, but I'm sure Takeru wouldn't have let me.
Not much else has been going on. I helped Miyako with some spring cleaning, and did a bit of my own. I have a box of junk I need to give back to Onii-chan, though I'm not sure how I vended up with some of it in the first place ><;;. I found some old photos, too, and decided to post some of them up!

photos below the cutCollapse )
This week you will discover that your intuition is not always spot-on! You have a lot of insight into others, but you are not infallible. You'll need to ask specific questions on Tuesday in order to get to the bottom of a very perplexing situation in your life. Saturday you'll have to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. You'll want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life for a while, and reflect quietly on your recent life events.

Sometimes I think I need to stop reading so much into these horoscopes.

That said, last weekend was...very nice <3. I went with Miyako to Iori's sister's birthday party- she's absolutely adorable! The rest of the day we spent watching movies and eating take-out. As for gifts, well, Miyako certainly outdid me! Now I need to start planning for white day. (and yes, those are my competitive Yagami instincts kicking in.)

Miyako has been talking about doing some spring cleaning, and I'm thinking I might join in on that one. I noticed when I packed up from home that I have an awful lot of stuff. A lot of it is still in boxes, and some of it isn't even mine. So if anyone is missing something, I may just have it.

Hope everyone else is doing well <3